Life is Short

There are seasons and there are months. There are weeks and there are days. There are hours and seconds. These all add up to the fact that we live in a world which operates on "Time".

And yet we give ignorance to this fact by living our lives the best we can. There is a beginning, there is an end, and yet we deliberately blind our mind to these facts and try to accumulate wealth for ourselves. The seasons are indicators that time does not stand still. It does not wait for us to sort out our lives and then try to catch up with the rest of mankind. We are too ignorant to this reality, we are too steeped in the empty pursuits of life.

"We must live for today for our end may arrive tomorrow".

Listen to your inner feelings, listen silently to your inner fears. Listen to your inner thoughts, listen to your heart. Listen to the vibrating messages running through your veins, are they not indicators that our lives are short. This realization should drive us towards searchable answers, a hope for a happy peaceful future. Don't allow space between you and time or you may be left behind.

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