Making a Point

There is a point to all things. Nothing under the sun escapes any point of discussion. To make a point, first it must be explainable. To understand a point, first it must be examined. Do you have a point to make? Make your point but not to disappoint. Do you exercise great authority when making a point? Not all points get across to a point where it is accepted as a point of consideration. Not all who hear a point being made will always agree to that particular point. Your interest may not be seen as a good point of discussion if others think it is of no use to their point of view. For the point of concern to be made effective, a point must be proficient in the art of pointing out the point of concern as demanding and beneficial, and of great value, and to the point. Of what value is a point if it will not benefit those with their own point of view and sees your point as valueless?

A point in search of a good point breeds points of interests. A discriminating point may not survive a barrage of incriminating points. A resulting argument made regarding a point spoken in a hurry results in the point being squashed out of oblivion. It is a point of natural interest when a problematic point is uncovered to be disastrous for the point of natural interest being implemented. Unless the problem point is of mistaken identity, then the identity of such a point is scrutinized.

A crowned point is king of all points. It over-rides the status of other points. Statistically a useless point has no place amongst points of greater value. A valued point is raised for it's consistency. A consistent point receives gifts of honor to it's name. To name a point is more desired than a stupid point all fired up in it's fame. It's fame is short lived and to the point. It has not passed the vigorous point of tests.

So how do you place value on a point? Up to what point do you decide it is no longer viable for a point to be expressed? Shadows follow but do not lead. Get the point?

Imagine a point of restitution, uncommon to it's phrase. It is pointless to draw a conclusion of inadequacy. Follow the point to it's conclusion, and see it to it's point of resolute. Where there is a point of view, there is a point to discuss the point of concern. There is a point after all, that to understand the point being made, so as not to miss the major point of view, one must first seek for answers to the point of concern, so that the point of view does not become misunderstood, or the effect of the point of concern in consideration will lose all it's glorious points of interests.

What's the point of trying to make a point if it is senseless and of no useful point. Understand that the urge to get a point across which is deemed pointless always backfires to the point of shame. If a point is seen to be misleading, the point of consideration is sure to be dropped to a low point. There is no point trying to push ahead with a point that is pointless, unless the point of consideration can be changed to an accepted point of value.

Is there an end to all points being made under the sun? If there was, then all points of major concern would be destructive to the structure of all points of value. It would result in all major points of view reaching the point of no return.Let these points make it clear that there is no point trying to hide behind a point of no value, believing that it will deliver a point. Let this point make it clear that not all points are acceptable, even if a point is deemed a point of real value. In the world of all points, there are points that build-up, but there are also points that are destructive.

Refraining from making a point does not necessary mean weakness in the point in it's entirety. State your point if you think that your point in it's state has great value in the company of points of high standards. Make your stated point a point of stated value. To state a point is to state a claim in the stated point. To make a pointed statement is to make a statement a point of great value.

So state your point!

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