Writing Style That Is Self-Taught

My writing style is self taught. I believe in writing in whatever field I prefer, although the rules of grammar may not agree with my style of writing.

I sometimes break away from understandable written language to what I call abstract writing which is a form of language that is written in a Shakespearian manner, or 16th century manner, funny, witty but driving home a point of interest. The other part of my work is to trick others into having second thoughts about what I am trying to portray. I create a negative response which is normally reserved for those without a care in the world whether their grammar is correct or not.

I believe that if you can express yourself in a spoken language, whether your grammar is poor or not, should not be taken as a deterrent to stop you from expressing your thoughts or feelings to the world.

I gained experience in my writing style through error and many incorrect grammar. I still consider myself a learner. The internet has really opened up a wide door to an unimaginable source of information. A wealth of information which could take the average reader thousands of years to read through.

Changing Language
(Thoust beggens but thee denieth: Yur luff fayls tyu plees mie: my abstract writing) I enjoy writing in any form whatsoever. With so many different languages emerging on the scene, some unheard of before, I try and learn a few words from these languages and invent my own words.

The English language as we know it today does not compare to that of the 16th century. It became an evolving language, taken from other languages, with new words being added all the time. The day that I learned how to speak, I never would have thought that I would be writing about it.

I was hopeless at school, and I failed the English test miserably. So where do we begin to put the blame in the inadequate training system that is supposed to teach us how to use correct grammar? I never really understood any of that stuff. For me, to be honest, I don't blame anyone or anybody for my failure in learning the English language. Or the learning of other languages which could have benefited myself. I could have become a translator. I could have earned a good living from this and travel the world at the same time.

One comment that was made by a council worker sometime ago was regarding the language of today's youths, this struck me as being a negative statement. Some of these youths use a form of art writing, which is graffiti, which by the way is not an acceptable form of written language by today's standards. But still it must be seen as a way that youths express their thoughts. I strongly state that although I do not support their use of language in any art-form, in this case graffiti, the usage of which is in disrespectful manner to other peoples property, I will make this statement that I have no right to make personal attacks regarding their form or style of writing. In fact even I use some of their kind of creative writing in my own work.

They use this form of writing to communicate their thoughts to one another and to the world. We are sometimes too quick to judge others these days about their usage of words but are too slow to recognize our own usage of words in our day to day lives.

MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Youtube are inter-active internet sites where you can find all sorts of languages being used. Some of it I can not even understand.

One day I decided to enter one of these sites and decided to follow along with the style of language that the majority of the people were using. And I wrote this on someones page, "µ LÔLL µ KπÔW ¡'M ÇÔM¡∏G §ÔÔN", and boy did I get a blasting for that. "Why don't you write in proper English so that I can understand what you're writing about", was the feed back, so I wrote back and apologized.

The trend today is that people are writing or text messaging each other using shorthand writing technique. This is not new, believe it or not. The year 100 AD, where AD is the short term usage or the abbreviation for Anno Domini, or the other usage of this is CE which stands for our Common Era, ad stands for advertising, bldg stands for building, and you can go on and on. Check out Wikipedia for the usage of abbreviations or acronyms and you will be surprised that the form of writing used by many youths these days and plus some older generations have been in use for centuries.

I suppose I can say that there is nothing new that's happening under the sun. Language is one of them. It is ever changing.

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