Another Day, Another Night

Bright sunny days brings rays of happiness and joys of sunshine. Silvery breezes brushes against scales of living organisms. A smile carries thoughts suspended in virtual animation. A picture paints realities as it exists in it's own dimensions without boundaries.

The suddenness of illuminating lightning occurrences slits open the skies, followed by a great monstrosity of a thunder pounding through the earths core. Brewing wind storms fly swiftly and unexpectedly from the north without prior warning. Waves of heights displaces the insecure. Scorching heat waves pirouettes across the earths surface.

The King of the North patrols the landscape seeking to displace the unscrupulous. It's Prince's take delight in their deleterious power. The Caves of the hills fails to hide fear. Beneath the watchful eyes of a mighty Hawk, runs the sounds of danger. In the path of the unweary, one fatal step can result in great humiliation.

A cool spring quenches a dry thirst. A mouth watering feast fills an empty space. Glistening shadowy figures bath in the Pool of Shiloh. Harmonious speeches lingers through thin air. Joyous strings and tambourines encapsulates life with happiness.

Starry coloured nights projects moving images on the horizon. The well-fed returns to it's motherland. Leaves of autumn gathers in winter supplies. Woods of fire burns off the wintry onslaught. Wools as white as snow covers a naked sculpture. Another day of light becomes another night, until it again becomes a new day of light.

Copyright © 2008 Jesse Evans

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