Ignore Ignorance

If you were classed as ignorant by others, who might seem intelligent, then how did you get to where you are now?
If I am an ignorant person as some have called me, then how did I get the knowledge to write about this subject?
There are those who cannot read, write, or spell, but does that mean they were ignorant of the educational system? NO!
Why no one was even bothered or patient enough to guide and teach these ones to gain the knowledge they deserve
Luckily for me I had the nerve to ask others how to use an unfamiliar word in a sentence, "this was outside of school"
I used to listen to how others structured their sentences and then copied them by writing a sentence and then asking someone to check it for mistakes, or to see if it made any sense, that's how I learned English
It was worthless asking my school teacher for help with my English lessons, but I made up for that later in life
I loved reading, which proved beneficial to me in the long term, and as I was growing up it proved a necessity in my life
Even though I failed poorly in the English subject I took, and plus many other subjects as well, I made up for those slack years by reading
I read many books, I wrote a few songs, I read and wrote poems, stories, and I did all these as I was growing up

Who Is Ignorant?

So where is the help for those who deserve it, especially if they are classed as ignorant towards learning
Sometimes the parents take the brunt of the blame for their children's ignorant behaviour
I grew up with a lot of these ignorant peasants as they were classed by their next door neighbour's
And where are they today, well you won't believe this but they're actually living much better lives than their neighbour's
They have good employment, a family, living a good life, driving expensive cars, not in trouble with the law
So the question is, why do you call others ignorant. Give a thought as to how you behave sometimes
It's not because we live in an ignorant society, it's just that others want to do things their way which does not suit you

Ignorance: A Part Of Life

Ignorance is not ignorant about anything, so gets ignored and classed as being an ignorant citizen
Ignorance is a citizen seen as a pest by society and so is ignored of necessary and deserving help
Ignorance begs for help and begs for money in the street, but is ignored for being ignorant in their lifestyle
Society sees ignorance as a sore sight in it's circle of intelligent citizens, but isn't that being ignorant
An intelligent citizen rebukes and sees ignorance as an ignorant problem to be dealt with by the law
But the law is powerless in charging ignorance of any crime regarding being an ignorant citizen in it's right
Who has the right then to say that ignorance should be deemed an ignorant pest and should be ignored for good
May that never happen!
Teach them
Guide them
Help them
Be patient

Not everyone is perfect

One day you may get into trouble, and guess who's standing next to you to help you

Yes Ignorance!!!!

Copyright © 2008 Jesse Evans


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This is a nice post about ignorance. i really enjoyed the way you are explaining the topic. ignorance is sometimes really hurt you when you are so much in love with that particular person. :(

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Ignorance is a bliss. No one is perfect enough to have knowledge about everything. Sometimes knowing too much can be harmful. Love the writer's ideas and thoughts.

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